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Curious About Joint Popping? watch this

As physiotherapists, we often get asked questions about cracking joints especially knuckles and neck. And a lot of people have cracking or like to crack their joints for relieving stiffness and they probably got told that it is bad for their joints and may get arthritis when they get older. Here’s a good video explaining everything you need to know about cracking knuckles 🙂

Tennis Elbow Exercises

Tennis Elbow Exercises

What is tennis elbow?
Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is a condition in which there is pain in tendons from the forearm extensor muscles attach to the bony origin on the outside of the elbow (lateral epicondyle). It is a degenerative condition of the common extensor tendon usually caused by overuse or over loading the tendon, not specifically from playing tennis.

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Open hours change Jun 2018

From 4th Jun to 18th of Jun, our operating hours will be temporarily changed from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm Monday to Friday except 8th,15th and 18th of Jun. Dr Phillip Hughes will be back at our clinic during the two weeks.

Our hours will be back to normal from 19th of Jun.


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Things not to do for Tendinopathy

Things not to do for Tendinopathy

Tendinitis is simply inflammation that’s causing warmth, pain and swelling while tendinopathy or tendinosis is a completely different story. In late 20th century, studies have shown that tendinopathy is much more relevant to tendon pains than inflammation. If you are experiencing pain on & off for while, you might want to get it checked out by your physiotherapist. A good physio will always tell you what you should do and shouldn’t, as well as certain exercises. One particular thing your physio shouldn’t tell you to do for tendinopathy is stretching.

Common sites of tendinopathy are muscles around shoulder (rotator cuff), elbow (tennis elbow), ankle (Achilles tendon), knee (patellar tendon), and hip (gluteal tendons) etc. If you are diagnosed with tendinopathy, you have to know the 10 things not to do!


If you are diagnosed with tendinopathy, you have to know the 10 things not to do! Thanks for Professor Jill Cook from La Trobe University.

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We are now offering GAP FREE for patients with private health funds or $40 only for patients without private health funds.

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